Hermanos Corbalán


Hermanos Corbalán Since 2007 Sixto and his brother Juanjo Corbalán perform as the harp duo "Hermanos Corbalán". This conformation is just unusual even in Paraguay, but both brothers are exquisite interpreters of the harp and have earned a place of privilege as soloists, so in the last years they are more and more required as harp duo in various venues of the country with increasing projection abroad.

As composers both brothers are having a special focus on new compositions for the Paraguayan Harp mixing up their creations with different elements of other genres, inovating and giving them a great musical versatility with an actual and renewed repertoire which without any doubt gains special atention as harp duo. Their investigations and excursions to other genres turn this harp duo into a perfect harmony with an amazing sound.

They own representive themes of the actual music for paraguayan harp, some of them were awarded in different festivals like Festival Mundial del Arpa which yearly takes place in Asunción, Paraguay (Fantasía de Pérez - best composition by Sixto Corbalán and Disturbios - best composition by Juan Jorge Corbalán) and others successful themes like "Susurros de la noche" (Whisper of the Night), Caricias de Mamá (Mother´s love), Encantos de mi tierra (The Charme of my Country), etc., all of them widly difused in concerts and festivals in different countries.

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